Build a vibrant community through understanding and peace

Share the richness of Asian culture!

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Share the richness of Asian culture!

The Asian Culture Center of TN (ACCTN) was founded in 2014 with the aim of promoting culture, diversity, and unity in the community. Our community benefits when each culture can be celebrated and people gain an appreciation for the richness of so many heritages. People develop an open mind about other cultures and Knoxville becomes a community where appreciation and understanding of these cultures bring a sense of harmony and unity.

The Knoxville Asian Festival is enjoyed by over 60,000 people. Many of these attendees have never traveled to Asia so the Festival represents an opportunity to learn about the many cultures there.

"Our family learned so much and gained a greater appreciation towards the diversity, uniqueness and beauty of each country represented." - G. H., Knoxville

The Festival's impact continues year-round through an extensive outreach program to K-12 and local universities. In this manner, young people can develop greater understanding of the variety of cultures and become global citizens.

"Sadly my young children will never get the full cultural experience my grandmother who passed from Covid would have shared. But for a brief few hours, on a sunny day in Knoxville, I felt my children were embraced by the people and culture she so dearly loved. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart." - D.H., California

Knoxville benefits from the $3.4 million economic boost created by the Asian Festival according to Visit Knoxville. The Festival brings visitors to the greater Knoxville area who stay in our local hotels, eat in our local restaurants and shop locally. These visitors leave with positive feelings about their experience and our city.

In 2023, the Knox Asian Festival celebrates 10 years of educating our community about the diversity and rich culture of our Asian neighbors. Our goals for the 10th Anniversary include bringing professionals in arts, dance and music to enrich the Festival experience.

Please support the Knox Asian Festival with a financial gift. You can be an agent of inclusion, understanding, and harmony and create a stronger Knoxville.

Knox Asian Fetival is a 501(c)3 Non -Profit. Gifts made to Knox Asian Festival are deductible to the extent allowed by law.